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Who we are

Multitrix is a full service brand consultancy agency.

From concept to delivery, we create a comprehensive plan and strategy to meet your business objectives.

We support our clients throughout the process to ensure proper implementation.

Our services

Event management & Hosted Meetings

We can help you maximise your business objectives, by targeting and promoting your products & service to the relevant companies with our tailor made B2B network environment. Currently, we are offering this service to 10 different Business Sectors Internationally.

Online Marketing/Digital Strategy

We monitor your online presence across digital platforms and develop a strategy based on our findings and your objectives. Our recommendations will help you focus and position yourself for better results.

Cyber Security

We specialize in predicting, mitigating and shutting downcyber threats so our clients and theircustomers can focus on their business and services. 

Our Cyber Security services and solutions are independent and tailored towrds clients

Website promotion

We will run a web audit and depending on our findings, we will make recommendations that range from content refresh to site campaign.

Email campaigns

We conect with your audience, optimise your email strategy and lead targeted campaigns to increase your open rate. We make sense of tracking and reporting so you can make the most of your data.

Social Media

We measure your current social presence and identify which social media platforms are best suited to your business objectives. A monthly and or yearly strategy is developed and implemented.

Business re-branding

We identify the key elements of your brand and help you communicate that to your audience. We find the right approach and the right strategy.

Mobile Application

We help you put together a clear brief and find the right app provider for your project. We can manage the process to ensure the end product meets your specifications.