What is Yubl?

Category: Social Media Date: Wednesday, 09 November 2016 04:55

The app first hit the stores at 501st place in just over two months ago and has successfully reached 4th place, just behind WhatsApp, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. It beat out Periscope, Skype and LinkedIn as the application of choice at the time. It has dropped to 8th place at this point in time, but likely to climb back up the social media app ladder in the near future. 

So what is it that makes Yubl different? We downloaded the app and took a look. One of the first features that showed a marked difference from other social media chat apps is the ability to build your messages using text boxes, buttons, photos and stickers. This makes the messages much more interesting, which means a larger measure of engagement. The point here is to garner a response of some type from the social media audience. This points to Yubl being an excellent marketing tool on this platform.

Another interesting concept this app offers is allowing you to arrange meetings, share content and places of interest and even links. You can also use this app to ascertain consensus by using the 'see who agrees' and 'take a vote' options. Yubl is designed to work in real time, with the audience responding immediately on posts and in this way achieve faster results.

Although this app appears made for business at a first glance, it appears to be more of a social app created to entertain large audiences and offer bonds of unity and social acceptance. It does not lend itself to large scale sales messages or advertising and does not seem to be an ideal platform in this regard.

If you are looking to do some social media marketing, this platform is perhaps a little too new and does not offer as wide an audience as many other platforms already have to offer. It is also difficult to determine the general audience using this app as yet. It would be of benefit to wait until the application has grown further and could perhaps offer a better marketing experience. If you feel that your brand is not that corporate and that your target audience on this site might be interested in some fun banter with only light hearted marketing efforts, then this might be a social media application to try out. Keep your eyes out, this might be a far reaching app in the future as it has a lot of growth potential and offers more user engagement than most platforms of similar types.